Energy Storage

How It Works

Energy storage is when solar batteries store your solar panel energy for later use. With these new battery technologies, you'll have stored energy that can power your house whenever you'd like, like during a utility outage or during the evenings when your solar panels aren't producing energy. 

What's the benefit of energy storage?

With energy storage, your solar panel system becomes self-sufficient so you don’t have to rely on PG&E or the utility company. You’ll likely be able to live completely off your own power. Also, if the grid were to ever go down, energy storage allows you to still have power accessible to your house. This is often used for necessities like your refrigerator and hot water heater.


How does energy storage help you save money? 

All electricity is not created equal–there are peak times during the day that come with peak rates, which is typically from 3-8pm. However, your solar system is producing power at a more efficient rate earlier in the day. Energy storage allows you to access this previously produced energy, so you can use less electricity from the grid during peak hours. This is called peak shaving.


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Your First Step Towards Solar

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