Home solar panels

Residential maintenance is completed on a case-by-case basis. If your system were to go offline, our tech team will come onsite to do an investigation to identify the problem and make the proper repair. Solar panels very rarely fail, so if maintenance is necessary, it’s typically due to the inverter or optimizers.

Every system we install is covered by a 10-year warranty (no charge to you), but even if your system wasn’t installed by Addy, we can still offer you our residential maintenance services.


solar panels on a roof of a business

Commercial systems typically have large central inverters with suggested annual maintenance, such as filter cleaning. Along with this maintenance service, we can address any malfunctions that may happen with components such as weather stations, system communications, and trackers. With annual preventative maintenance service, we perform an in-depth inspection process to identify problematic areas for repair to mitigate downtime and lost production. This includes inspection of wire management, module soiling, vegetation, mounting, IV curve traces, and verifying that breakers and disconnects are mechanically sound. This will ensure your system is operating at a high level and producing the maximum amount of energy to protect your return on your investment.

O&M Work

We offer dispatch services for O&M contractors. If you’re responsible for monitoring large commercial or utility scale solar systems, we can help with reactive service and annual preventative maintenance visits. 

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