Over the past seven years, Addy Solar & Electric has expanded from the Redding area into Red Bluff, Weed, and the East Bay. As we continue to grow and develop, so does solar technology. We partner with brands like Panasonic and SolarEdge to bring you state of the art solar panels and inverters that are ahead of the technology curve.

It’s our goal to always be evaluating what’s available on the market to bring the best and most reliable products to your solar system.


Solar Panels


Solar panels are comprised of layers of silicon, phosphorus, and boron. These panels absorb particles of energy called photons, and by doing so initiate an electric current. Out of all the different types and brands of solar panels on the market, we most often use Panasonic, LG, Solar World America, and Canadian Solar panels. Each of these four types have their own advantages – Panasonic offers top-quality assurance and powerful results, while Solar World Americas offer a more cost-effective logic. We’ll make solar panel recommendations based off the needs of your system, and you’ll be able to choose which panels are right for you.